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- Reverse Dependency (1 level) finds dependees: builds that list the search
  term as a dependency. If you search for "foo", every build that lists "foo"
  in its .info REQUIRES will be listed. Only exact matches are supported. Note
  that optional dependencies (mentioned in README, not REQUIRES) are NOT
  searched for. If you're about to update one of your builds, this will tell
  you what other builds might be broken by your update. It's polite to test
  these builds against your update, or at least notify the maintainers that
  they should check them.

- Reverse Dependency (full) works like 1-level, but recursively finds each
  dependee's dependees, up to 10 levels deep. You might be surprised how
  many other builds ultimately depend on yours...

- Maintainer Name/Email lists all builds maintained by the name or email
  address you enter. Matching is case-insensitive. Partial matches are
  supported, so entering "Joe" would find both "Joe Smith" and "Joe Jones". It
  would also find "" or "".

- Download/Homepage URL lists all builds whose HOMEPAGE, DOWNLOAD
  or DOWNLOAD_x86_64 match your search term. Partial matches, case
  insensitive. If a site that hosts a lot of sources (e.g.,
  were down, or had restructured its URL scheme, you could quickly find all
  the builds that would be affected.

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